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💪 Renforcez votre expertise sur le protocole DNS et les noms de domaine !

🌐 Participez à notre prochaine session de formation « Les bases du DNS et l'industrie des noms de domaine » les 23 et 24 juin 2022

➡️ Infos sur

#Afnic #Internet #DNS #Formation

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Buy #Amazon Devices? They Share Your Home Internet.

And w/they claim neighbor devices w/n be able to see your devices, not true (especially wireless).

Companies like TALON, Amazon, depend on marketing cloud (not yours) devices to consumers to fund their corporate Smartcities.

#Amazon #Smartcity #RingDoorbell #privacy #surveillance #Bluetooth

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Offensive WMI - The Basics (Part 1) :: 0xInfection's Blog — Random ramblings of an Infected Geek.

A zip bomb to bypass security controls and sandboxes - SANS Internet Storm Center

Malcolm is a powerful, easily deployable network traffic analysis tool suite for full packet capture artifacts (PCAP files) and Zeek logs.

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RogueAssemblyHunter - Rogue Assembly Hunter Is A Utility For Discovering 'Interesting' .NET CLR Modules In Running Processes

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