- Knowledge base of exploit mitigations available across numerous operating systems, architectures and applications and versions.


Kubernetes Goat is "Vulnerable by Design" Kubernetes Cluster. Designed to be an intentionally vulnerable cluster environment to learn and practice Kubernetes security.


Contribute to chompie1337/SIGRed_RCE_PoC development by creating an account on GitHub.

How to Exploit Active Directory ACL Attack Paths Through LDAP Relaying Attacks | Praetorian

Methods by which an attacker can induce a victim user into authenticating using the NT Lan Manager (NTLM) Authentication Protocol.


Proof of concept for CVE-2021-31166, a remote HTTP.sys use-after-free triggered remotely. - 0vercl0k/CVE-2021-31166

How to Silver Ticket Attack Active directory

Silver ticket attack for domain persistence in active directory network silver ticket is a forged service ticket using service account hash.

Overcoming Issues Using Custom Python Scripts with Burp Suite Professional | JUMPSEC LABS

The Python Scripter Burp Suite extension can be used to modify requests sent through Burp including those generated by tools such as the active scanner.

Huh. Knew you could do this with shares but didn't know you could do this for users!

Creating a hidden user in Windows

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